Blush with your lipstick... A vintage beauty tips

by - juillet 05, 2014

Hi sexy!
Today I'll share with you an amazing beauty tip from my grand-mother. In the 50's she was in the 20 years old, so she knows something that I learn in my make up course... Using your lipstick as blush. In the 50's not all people have enough money to buy a lot of make up as today, so you've to be creative. By the way it's a good trick because your cheek and lipstick will fit your blush!
How to use your lipstick as a blush?

well simply easy! You've to put 3 dots of lipstick on the cheek and cheek bones. Than you take a tissue and blend it until the lipstick is totally fade and look like blush!
It doesn't work with long stay lipstick, you should think to use a creamy lipstick.

Hope you love that tip!

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